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            America Together: Uplifting images

            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/grandma.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Grandma and grandpa have been self quarantined for 3 weeks. Our only way to visit!! Air hugs only!! Gary and Martha Jolly Bowling Green Ky
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/helping-中国体彩票手机版下载less.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Along with the shutdown of most of the country中国体彩票手机版下载, many community 中国体彩票手机版下载less services have, for the most part, been shut down too. The Shower & Laundry Ministry in Fullerton, CA was able to proved modified services on Saturday April 4th. This is a great example of "America Together" - giving of oneself to those have almost nothing. Masks, gloves, sanitizer, taped social distancing lines and 18 dedicated volunteers provided a boxed meal, water bottles, quarters and laundry pods, underwear, Bombas donated socks, and plastic bags to protect their belongings against the expected SoCal rains. The turnout was about 2X (80+) of what we normally have - a sign of the times due to diminished 中国体彩票手机版下载less service opportunities.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/jimmy.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Quarantine Jimmy, 7 months old, from Prescott Az
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/kimmio.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              My cat is thrilled with shelter in place. He gets to be with me all day. Taken March 26th as I'm researching what's going on. Increasingly worried. Clorox wipes and N95 mask in background. My husband is a fire chief, so he's out there, helping others, in the midst of this pandemic. It's not easy wondering how many times he's being exposed in the community. But grateful he's an essential worker and able to help. He's told me his area hospitals reporting many beds and ventilators available, so it was a bit confusing hearing news that there was a shortage.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/pharmacy-new.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              This takes some real dedication and is not praised enough! I lead a team in a pharmacy, all pharmacy teams should be recognized right now! Jared Stevens, Walgreens.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/masks.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Hi, Thanks for the opportunity to provide a big thanks and shout out to Debbie & the ladies from the Navy Marine Relief Society for making masks for our Neighbors, Friends, Family & Members of our military. Debbie has made over 200 masks and the "orders" keep on coming in. Her fellow volunteers, from the Navy Marine Relief Society, have provided, helping hands and hard to get materials to include matting & elastic so the assembly line can continue. The kids in our neighborhood love to wear their masks and even our adult "never maskers" are lining up for their masks now. Her efforts have also raised over $300 for the Navy Marine Relief Society at Camp Pendleton. Respectfully submitted. Rob Sheehan
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/kim-beels.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Scott Beels, aka Bumper Morgan, radio personality/sweeper voice for over 40 years (WBLS, Y107 Nashville) was diagnosed with Bulbar onset ALS in July 2019. By November his voice was completely silenced by this terminal disease without a cure. We have been self-isolating since the beginning of March 中国体彩票手机版下载. Friends and family have been leaving supplies at our front door to keep us from getting coronavirus. Over the weekend, our kids came to deliver tissues and food. They could only visit their father, with potentially only months to live, through the sliding doors. Picture attached. Scott's time is limited and we will eventualy have to decide if we can keep him safe enough to spend quality time together. ALS is not taking a break. His disease is progressing. We are fortunate to be close to Massachusetts General Hospital and the Healey Center for ALS where the 3 year phase 3 clinical trial for NurOwn is almost complete. Scott got the last spot at MGH in the 200 person nationwide 1:1 trial. It's his only hope, and a 50/50 (placebo/drug) hope at that. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus, the trial is in jeopardy. Scott received the first of three stem cell injections February 20th after 6 months of lead-in preparation. Now, his second injection scheduled for April 15th (when Boston is supposed to peak) and even the final on June 10th will most likely be cancelled. We fear the trial will be prematurely concluded and he will not receive the additional injections. Resulting in him dying before Nurown gets approved by the antiquated FDA approval process and then covered by insurance companies. He doesn't have time. This story needs to be told. We hope President Trump hears our personal story and, just like he advocated for treatments for the coronavirus, issues an executive order for Nurown or urges the FDA to approve it now, so my husband, and other people with ALS that are dying too, can receive this promising drug before it is too late. Because of the shutdown
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/jay-stoll.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              We are Pat and Jay Stoll of Longmont Colorado. The Governor of Colorado recommended we use masks in public just this Friday. Close friends provided us a pair so we can safely take walks together. The masks were sewn by our friend Mary who normally works at a quilt store in Lyons Colorado. I'm able to work a bit from 中国体彩票手机版下载 via phone/computer but my wife has a deep concern for the well being of her employers business and is going in a few times a week to do what she can to keep a small chain of coffee shop running. I have asked her to use the mask since she has very bad asthma. We miss spending time with our daughter's family, my wife's family and our close friends. The shutter in place order has also scuttled the plans we had made for our annual camping trips around the region with other dear friends. Good luck to everyone and please support our President.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/55e02802-kim.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              My daughter-in-law took the (great) grandkids to show my 84 year old parents how much they are loved!!! My mother had knee replacement on March 4th, 84th birthday was Mar 9. My father turned 84 on April 2nd!! SO MUCH LOVE AND THOUGHTFULNESS!!!! FAMILY FAMILY FAMILY!!!
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/lewis.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Am an over the road truck driver sitting in Laredo Texas...just bought a load of meat down....having to sit in my truck waiting on a load out....cant get out of truck without face mask on......if truck drivers can do it just in a truck....should not be hard for people to just stay indoors with running water and electricity....just saying
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/diane.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              To keep everyone safe, we met our 1-week-old great-granddaughter, Isabella, by looking through the glass of their front door. Can't wait until we can actually hold and cuddle her. But we left a bit sad, but still with happy hearts!
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/charles.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              My grandson’s school in Wilmington NC teachers did a drive by parade for the students. My 6 yr old grandson made a sign for them expressing love. Landen loves his teachers.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/florida-pharmacy.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Small pharmacy dealing with the virus. Business crazy with many people purchasing over the counter products and supply is limited. Prescription numbers declining because people are not seeing their physician ( which isn’t always a good thing). Stress is at an all-time high in the pharmacy. It’s hard to get many drugs in as they are being rationed . Not fair to our patients. I remain positive because that’s who I am! This will not defeat us it will make us stronger
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/gary.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Getting geared up to enter Sams Club with my wife. I am grateful for us having more time together. Gary and Rachel Kirtley Kalamazoo Michigan
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/batisims.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Usually our baptisms are performed at the age of 8, in a church building, attended be many family and friends. Last week my middle son was baptized by his father in a stream near our 中国体彩票手机版下载, with only our family in attendance. It was a beautiful and spiritual experience and I know we do not need to gather to be one with God and people we love.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/bill.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              I had surgery this week and a nurse unbeknownst to us, took this photo of her helping me walk. The photo conveys so much, I’ll let it speak for itself, I tear up every time I look at it.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/d0fda433-cindy.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              My sister is an emergency room nurse at a level one trauma center in Charlotte, NC. I sent the emergency department donuts as a tiny token for all they are doing on the front lines. This photo is what they posted to me on Facebook and needless to say, it made me cry. Cindy Dorman
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/david-hoaglan.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Dave (74) and Lee (70) Hoaglan getting out in our sparsely populated neighborhood for the 1st time in a week. Sporting our 中国体彩票手机版下载 made masks using whatever materials we had. We are told in Psalm 46:10 to be still and know that I am God. This virus will be defeated, our job is to stay faithful.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/Chaplain.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              BEING a Chaplain is hard because I can go see or touch my shut ins.I was asked to do a Easter sermon for them on line.This pic is of my husband watching our streaming of our church on line with my little dog who greets Cancer patients.She and I can't wait to get back to work.Chaplain Caliatra Mcindoo
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/looking-glass-new.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Our son, Andy, with severe special needs that lives in a specialized facility near our 中国体彩票手机版下载, had to go on a statewide 30-day mandatory lockdown required for all nursing 中国体彩票手机版下载s, assisted living facilities, etc. We visit him daily through the window and play his favorite game of Uno! Sincerely, Allison and Mike Leatzow and younger brother, Jack
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/family-first.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              What would you do as a grandson if the great grandparents of your newborn daughter wasn't able to go visit to see their first great grandchild? Of course, you would take your daughter to visit them!
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/widowed-copy.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              We keep an eye on our 83 y/o neighbor who lost her husband several years ago. Weve brought her some TP (even though she didnt need it) and a little suprize care package of food, again, she didn't need it. was "Spring Cleaning" day for us at her 中国体彩票手机版下载. She is really a wonderful and "old school" kind of person....we love her Tons! Dave, Olivia and the kids Allyn, WA
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/john-marshall.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              My wife Connie making masks for our community in Alexandria, Mn. Supplying masks through our new "helping hands" community group started on facebook, now over 3000 people helping with delivering groceries for the elderly to supplying masks for our nursing 中国体彩票手机版下载s, running errands for people and much more.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/Texas-Fire-Department.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Good afternoon. A Fire Marshal for the City of Stafford who tested positive for CV-19 was placed in accommodations at a local hotel for his 14-day isolation period. During this time, as you can imagine, it can be quite lonely and nerve rattling at the same time. So, knowing this, the personnel of Stafford Fire Department Truck 21 decided to go raise his sprits. Since they couldn't make in person contact, they did the next best thing and set up their aerial to say hi and give a fist bump through the window. Needless to say this raised his spirits as well as the crew who continues to respond to calls for service in the community. Regards, Larry Di Camillo Fire Chief City of Stafford, Texas Fire Department
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/Harbor-Baptist-Temple.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Our little church Harbor Baptist Temple Surfside Beach South Carolina has been going live on Facebook for 3 weeks to keep everyone safe and help keep from spreading the deadly COVID-19. The pastor came to church to find this. Our Church’s Families faces in the pews smiling at him. A little church with a big heart.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/high-school-help.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Hi, Khushie Shelat is a 9th grade student at Jericho High School on Long Island. She recently started a fundraiser on GoFundMe called "Keep Our Healthcare Force Strong." She has raised over $3,200 to help provide lunch to frontline healthcare professionals working in the hardest hit hospital on Long Island. She has personally delivered lunch to the Emergency Department staff at Stony Brook University Medical Center, Long Island Jewish Medical Center, North Shore University Hospital, NYU Winthrop Hospital and Nassau University Medical Center. To date she has provided support to over 300 healthcare professionals fighting on the frontline against the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some pictures from her activities. Here is a link to her campaign on GoFundMe:
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/welcome-africa-copy.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Our daughter, son-in-love, and (3) grandchildren live in W Africa. They were able to fly out with other expats, through Turkey and NYC, arriving 中国体彩票手机版下载 on 3/21. The 4-yo calls the USA "merica". The attached photos were taken by our daughter seeing us on the roadside at the airport exit welcoming them 中国体彩票手机版下载. They stopped and we spoke through the windows. No hugs... oh, it was hard! Since then, with them self-quarantined and us practicing social distancing and staying at 中国体彩票手机版下载, we so look forward to the first hugs when we're finally confident all is safe. Hopefully Easter! --
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/john-leopoldo.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Broward County ready for whatever the virus can throw at us!
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/4d3fc28a-glen-new.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Good evening. I’m sure you’ve received many stories like this, but several weeks ago my wife, Robyn, was moved to do something positive for our community. Hearing so much about mask shortages, she got her sewing machine out and set it up on our dining room table. She purchased fabric and bias tape and began sewing masks for folks we know. After I made a Facebook post about what she was doing, we started getting requests from nurses all over, even in other states. I’m very proud of her. We have four boys at 中国体彩票手机版下载 and I work at an essential business, so she’s been doing this while still working remotely herself and overseeing all four boys’ studies which are now completely online. The design is her own. She cuts and sews them before washing, drying, and ironing them. The last thing we do before they’re packaged up to leave the house is pray over them together. I’m truly humbled by her efforts.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/eliot.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              I am visiting my my grandkids through a glass window in Cleveland Ohio
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/cindy.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              My sister is an emergency room nurse at a level one trauma center in Charlotte, NC. I sent the emergency department donuts as a tiny token for all they are doing on the front lines. This photo is what they posted to me on Facebook and needless to say, it made me cry. Cindy Dorman
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/83rd-birthday.png?ve=1&tl=1

            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/dan.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              After a remote video magic show with grandkids in Maine Jiggles the Clown took a golf cart ride around his 55 plus mobile 中国体彩票手机版下载 park in Florida just to bring a smile to friends and neighbors (going to do it again on Saturday). Just a small way to brighten our day in this world of craziness. Sincerely, Dan Hannafin Largo Fl.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/glen-new.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Good evening. I’m sure you’ve received many stories like this, but several weeks ago my wife, Robyn, was moved to do something positive for our community. Hearing so much about mask shortages, she got her sewing machine out and set it up on our dining room table. She purchased fabric and bias tape and began sewing masks for folks we know. After I made a Facebook post about what she was doing, we started getting requests from nurses all over, even in other states. I’m very proud of her. We have four boys at 中国体彩票手机版下载 and I work at an essential business, so she’s been doing this while still working remotely herself and overseeing all four boys’ studies which are now completely online. The design is her own. She cuts and sews them before washing, drying, and ironing them. The last thing we do before they’re packaged up to leave the house is pray over them together. I’m truly humbled by her efforts.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/meg.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              I’m a cancer patient and my husband and I take care of our two moms, 84 and 87. Knowing we’re extremely vulnerable and can’t go out, our pastor and his wife showed up Sunday afternoon to bring church to us through the screen door! #SO BLESSED/SO GRATEFUL!!!
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/stacy.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Nurses on the front lines wearing masks donated by the community members just wanting to do something for others. These masks were so helpful, worn under the disposable ones made the disposable ones last longer and be more comfortable too.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/shawn.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              One on left is my husband, Shawn, an ER RN for 26 yrs. One on right is our son, Joshua, working as a Paramedic Tech in his ER, as he finishes his BSN (1+ yr left). Both love working ER, and both love taking care of their patients at their hospitals (different towns & counties). They have both taken care of COVID patients in their ERs. Shawn is finishing quarantine as our 2nd son flew 中国体彩票手机版下载 from his #mormonmission and both have been quarantined. While being 中国体彩票手机版下载, my husband has missed working, and goes back this week. He keeps us updated on the statistics daily. Joshua is married with 2 little boys. He is doing everything he can to stay virus-free. Both Texas counties have over 40 positive cases so far. Please pray for them, and all emergency workers. I am proud of my guys
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/cindy-mask-new.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              My daughter follows in a line of volunteers, my late husband & I were volunteer firefighters back in 1979 so it wasn’t a stretch for our 4 kids to be volunteers and over time all have been volunteer firefighters, rescue squad members or sometimes both. Now my one daughter was an EMT and was and still is a volunteer firefighter now in PA and found out that St Luke’s in PA by her needed cloth face masks. She also comes from a long line of family members that sew on both of her family grandparents & great grandparents sewed for a living so no surprise she enjoys sewing. She is now putting that talent to use. Attached are some pictures of her masks and with the help of her 2 daughters, my granddaughters. She is now working on hats with buttons to attach the masks to it in order to save on the ears and medical personal said it also protects their heads. I believe all are donated & she ships them to out of state on request so to people she grew up with that are in need.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/love-rocks.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Love Rocks is the theme painted on hundreds of rocks painted with the messages "Love Rocks" and "U R Loved" on one face of the pastel egg-shaped stones. The reverse side reads "John 3:16". As we walk, masked and social distant compliant, my grandchildren, sister and daughter are tossing the imitation Easter eggs onto neighbors yards sharing an encouragement and timely Bible message for all who want to pursue the message. So far, all thumbs up!
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/desiree-new.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              My husband and I went to to grocery shopping when we realized that one of our 2 remaining face masks was not usable (the top strap broke). So, in came one of our 2 year old son's diapers. If anything it made us feel it was more helpful than not wearing a mask at all...
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/chad-hard-copy.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Stationed in Japan on at a us military anti missle Radar site that overseas North Korea. On lockdown. Cant fly to or from the US. But japan is no where near as bad as other places. I'm a armed contractor here at the site. Just go to work, workout in the gym. Or play video games, build plastic models to kill time and stay indoor away from each other. I have a fiance in another town and I fear she may have the virus and were not as allowed to see each other. It's just as painful here. I have other coworkers that list family members cause this, and they're not even allowed to fly 中国体彩票手机版下载 for they're loss. Hoping this ends soon by summer. Chad Hard
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/Daddy-Olivia-Maddie-Darcy.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              My friends granddaughter, Olivia Hautala, was diagnosed at age 4, with a stage 3 WIMS tumor in August of 2015. Over the past 4+ years, Olivia has been through the removal of her kidney, countless chemo treatments, clinical trials and most recently approved for use of a drug that has never before been tried on a child. She is now 9 years old and has fought this battle through sickness from the treatment, through the ups and downs of good reports and then difficult news. She has been an amazing trouper demonstrating the courage, perseverance and invincible spirit of those often much older than her years. When losing her hair to chemo…she refused to wear a hat to school even though it would have saved the curious looks and questions from strangers and friends. She became so familiar with the treatments, she even “helped” the nursing staff when they struggled to remember the official names of her chemo drugs. Trips to the ER with fevers became a frequent occurrence, and Olivia never let it slow her down. At the beginning of March Olivia was in the hospital with a fever and pneumonia. Within 2 days of being released from the hospital she was attending a Karate Competition where she was to compete. She did compete in one event, but skipped the more strenuous portion. Over the past couple of years she has excelled at Karate and recently progressed to an advanced level…further proof of her fighting spirit. On March 24th Olivia was back in the hospital with complications. On March 27th she was sent 中国体彩票手机版下载 with palliative care. All of this occurred as the Coronavirus was ramping up, and on the same day that the Minnesota Governor had designated that the State would implement a Stay at 中国体彩票手机版下载 order as of midnight on that day. Schools had already been shut down, families were at 中国体彩票手机版下载 preparing for 中国体彩票手机版下载 schooling, businesses were shut down and many people were working at 中国体彩票手机版下载. Life had drastically begun to change. During this time friends of Olivia had
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/american-flag.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              We have a small neighborhood of 100 中国体彩票手机版下载s and my wife, Sharon Zabloski and sons, Braden and Landon wanted to help remind everyone we're all in this together and here to support each other, so they placed American flags in front of every 中国体彩票手机版下载 and at our neighborhood entrance.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/amber-new.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              My name is Amber. I’m a flight attendant. I choose to keep flying for two reasons. 1) If I don’t work, I don’t get paid. Since I support myself, I have no choice. 2) I’m happy to have a job at this time. Yes, I’m panicking some days, but I have a good support system of other flight attendants who are there for each other. I’ve been flying twenty years. I lived in Dubai for many years. While living there, I caught MERS. It’s the sickest I’ve ever been and I really hope I don’t have to go through something similar again. This picture is from my last trip just a few days ago. The mask was sent to me from my cousin, whose friend made the mask from a pillowcase. I was on the last day of the trip. I was tired, worn out, my nerves were shot and my patience had run out. I think my eyes clearly show my mood, but I wanted to convey that there’s a little strength left in there. Some days I feel like flight attendants are pleading, just to be noticed as frontline ‘essential’ workers. I’m hoping that we survive this as a nation. May we all band together to survive!
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/dave.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              My daughter is an ICU nurse at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. A little more than a year out of nursing school she is on the front line battling this horrific virus. Attached is a picture of her and other members of her nursing team. Thankfully her department has access to proper PPE. Dave Grabowski Sterling Heights Michigan
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/christina.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              My wife Christina Baur took the time to decorate our driveway to allow passers by the chance to smile. We have noticed so many more people walking. Family groups as well as solitary walkers with and without dogs, bikes scooters and everything in between. We haven’t had any issue with the virus but it has been tough for her as she normally travels extensively for her job. Hopefully it’ll help a few more people smile.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/e-church-.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              My wife, Deborah, and I (Glenn Rutland) attend e-church together (broadcast into our Family Room). In this way, we support our congregation as Easter approaches and encourage others to have faith when there is so much reason to be afraid and doubt.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/blessed.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              I am blessed to visit multiple medical facilities every day for medical specimens. After seeing these dedicated professionals, I was moved to offer virtual Hugs and Kisses to them. Socially Distanced Hugs and Kisses Thanks for all you do It is a small gesture, but it let's them know they are not forgotten. Thanks, Mike
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/delivery-copy.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              We found a creative way to more safely deliver some care packages to some friends and family without direct contact. It brought big smiles to 中国体彩票手机版下载bound seniors! Julie Green
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/shannon.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              My daughter had her 24 th birthday on March 31st. We are under a Stay atHone order in Michigan. My mother is 73 she has diabetes and is considered high risk to the Corona Virus. My daughter is her oldest grandchild and she has never missed one of her birthdays. We were surprised when we heard a Knick on our front door. There stood my mom with a card and tears in her eyes. Please see attached photos for this touching moment Thank you Shannon Carter
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/daddy1-copy.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              We have to visit our parents through the window. They had their 60th wedding anniversary on the March 13th just before the shut down. We celebrated it together, but daddy's birthday had to be done through the window. Mom kept motioning us to come in to eat cake. It's very hard to be separated by that glass. We miss them so much and can't wait to see them and hold them again.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/dan-police.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              I'm a police officer in the Chicagoland area, Des Plaines to be exact, and we celebrated my 48th bday in the new mask name is Dan Shanahan. My wife Christina, and Liam, Alex and Norah. Making the best of it!
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/priest.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Our priest at St. Mary Church in Ardmore, Oklahoma, has been recording masses to keep his faithful flock connected. Last Wednesday, several parishioners organized a drive by parade as a surprise for our cherished priest. Father Ratterman stood on the sidewalk and greeted his people with waves and smiles. This morning, after he taped Palm Sunday mass, he passed out palms through barely open windows. Past being sad for the missing of our traditional gathering, we focus on Father Ratterman's dedication to his people and his getting the palms to us within the established there's a positive!! Happy trails... Steve, Kelly, Lakin, and Rance Howard Ringling, OK
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/berry-new.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              My wife Loretta, my daughter Erika, and myself have made nearly 100 masks for family and friends from Tennessee to Illinois. #everyonedoyourpart Berry Snyder
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/fran.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Dear FoxNews, My name is Sr. Fran and I am a Salesian Sister from Haledon, NJ. I would first like to thank you for who all of you are, your integrity and fidelity to our country中国体彩票手机版下载 and the Truth. Your AmericaTogether program really is a both smart and heart-warming way to bring the good out of such a trying situation where some prefer to hijack it for political gain. I work in a building that cares for our elderly sisters who have dedicated their lives to the education of youth. Many of them have stories of surviving WWII, escaping communism in Cuba and the consequential devastation. Though most are using walkers, they have found a way to make their contribution to our great country中国体彩票手机版下载, via their hands. The Sisters are giving their time to make masks for the nearby hospitals, a 中国体彩票手机版下载 for the elderly and even a funeral parlor. Interface patterns, sewing 中国体彩票手机版下载, elastic are masterfully worked to serve the community. Please note that their hands are also busy in uplifting prayer that Divine Providence may bring healing to our land in all the ways it is needed. Sincerely, Sr. Fran
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/holly-girls.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Holly-Girls works with the fire department in Southport, NC helping not only the firemen but others reduce stress during this time.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/barb.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Here's my wife Barb Freestone in Chandler Az. Assembling and sewing face masks. She's provided about 150 masks for nurses, caregivers and care providers. Not enough has been said about those who help fill the gaps during this time of needed supplies. Thank you, Scott Freestone
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/Gabrielle-Pezzulo.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              True #healthcarehero. My daughter Gabrielle Pezzulo, physician assistant, Montefiore Hospital, Bronx. Gabrielle and her colleagues selflessly give of themselves every day to save patients and destroy this virus.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/marriage.jpeg?ve=1&tl=1

              Wedding was originally planned for April 25th, but in the middle of preparations the ability to get cake, flowers, dress, etc was locked down. Then people were not able to come due to lockdowns and the bride is under self quarantine due to compromised immune and underlying medical. Postponing wedding PARTY to next year April 30, 2021, to celebrate marriage, renew vows AND in 1 year rememberence of the times we are in now. We didn't know if we could get marriage licence to do private ceremony this year due to quarantine but Leon Co Texas was open to issue by appt as part of quarantine protocol. Here we are with the certificate and now to wait and get married in private ceremony with social distancing in mind with 1 pastor, 1 witness and PPE. Date is Oct 30, 中国体彩票手机版下载, under 100+ year old oak tree on M M Carlton Ranch. #AmericaTogether A M Carlton & J C Coffman
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/runners1.jpeg?ve=1&tl=1

              My wife and I are runners and during this tough time in our small town of Ogdensburg, New York we decided that to bring spirits up we would make our runs fun. We are very big disney fans and we try to go as often as we can afford so it comes as no surprise that we have a few costumes or shirts laying around. One particular day we had an 8 mile run and thought it only appropriate that we dress up as Mr. and Mrs. Incredible. We did it for everyone else and did not expect any attention or praise but were stopped multiple times by strangers to get our picture taken and we saw many people laugh, smile, and beep when driving by. One lady even stuck her head out of her house window to take our picture because her autistic grandson loves the incredibles and is having a tough time with the quarantine and not seeing his family. Friends, family, and neighbors told us about many posts on Facebook and we made our local news. It seemed to really lift spirits for those who saw us or read about us. Thank you for all you do Nick McGill
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/Liza.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              It’s my daughters 19th birthday. Her friends and grandparents came to celebrate. Happy (Covid) 19th!!
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/GRANDMA-.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Hi there! My name is Peggy Frederickson. My mother is Leone Montgomery, who is 98 years young. She lives in Osceola, Wisconsin in an assisted living 中国体彩票手机版下载. Her great grandchildren, Evan and Ali Cable of Forest Lake, MN surprised her with a hand-painted photo of a Swedish horse "The Dalahast" as she is 100% Swedish herself, and an "I love you" sign. Sheer joy on her face as she was able to see the kids, during this Coronavirus pandemic. She's been on lock-down for several weeks. It was so nice for her to see them in person, and talk via cell phone. Bringing a little joy in such times, makes for big smiles and one happy grandma. They look forward to the day they can throw their arms around her in a real hug!
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/kelly.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Hi there, I wanted to share a heartwarming way Ridgeline Elementary School (Alpine, UT) stayed connected with students today amidst the Corona virus shutdown. They held a teachers parade where teachers decorated their cars and drove through the school boundaries! The school emailed parents the night before so the kids could go out on their driveways and wave to their teachers as they drove by. Our kiddos made signs and wrote notes on the sidewalk in chalk to their teachers. Everyone was all smiles, honking and cheering and waving to each other from a distance as they drive by. It was such a neat way to feel connected and know we’re all in this together. I’ve attached some pictures; feel free to share. Thanks for running this America Together campaign. It’s heartwarming to see how we all truly are coming together in crisis.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/mask.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              My family and I have been making 中国体彩票手机版下载 made face masks, then we donate them to our local medical professionals. This week we made 400 masks, and donated them to local nursing 中国体彩票手机版下载s and hospitals. The reaction from the nurses is heartbreaking. Some cried others danced and cheered. Saying 'we are completely out of masks we need these alot'. We are not done yet, we hope to get another 500 to those in need within the next few days. Thank you, Mark Mattioli
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/george-mask.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/wallace-civil-air-patrol.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              I am aware that there are many organizations actively making a difference during this time of uncertainty. However, there is one organization that is overlooked and works along with not only FEMA but also the State and local governments in time of crisis and disasters. Civil Air Patrol has been around since WWII and has wings located in all 50 States. This all volunteer organization is currently helping with the movement Valuable PPE supplies, blood, covid19 tests among many other missions. You can find additional information concerning Civil Air Patrol on their Facebook page or at Respectfully, Dawn
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/corona-porkballs.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              The wife and I are quarantined on guam. She made a dish that I had to smile about. CV19 pork balls Mike and chutikan
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/a5a943ff-heidi.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              This photo is of my dad (Wayne Dahl) visiting my mom (Nancy) at the McIntosh Senior Living Center (dementia unit) in the small town of hMcIntosh, Minnesota. My mom was diagnosed approximately 10 years ago with early onset dementia and my dad has been her primary caregiver up until about three years ago. He usually spends each day with her at the center from early morning until she goes to bed in the evening. Currently, he is able to visit her daily only through the window of her room with the assistance of the nurses and aids. This means so much to him and we are so grateful for their care and kindness to help make this very difficult time a little easier.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/summit-teachers.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Summit Elementary School students respond to their teachers parading the community to say hello. Bloomington, Indiana
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/karen.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Hope the pictures tell it all, friends and their kids surprised me today with a heart warming 50th Birthday Surprise Parade!!!! Blessings are still among us. Stay well
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/richard.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Richard "Cas" Casanova, 85, of Las Cruces, NM, lived in spartan married student housing at New Mexico State University 60 years ago. Then a young father of two, he lived in "Sutherland Village," a part of the campus filled with tiny cinderblock 中国体彩票手机版下载s that are still in use to this day. But now, the COVID-19 pandemic has stranded international students and young families in the married student housing and in dorms on the NMSU campus. Cas decided to make 25 "Easter Bags," each with a tiny chocolate bunny as well as other treats, for the students stranded on campus, which is closed except to those with no other place to go. He is donating the treats to Aggie Cupboard, a food bank just yards from his old campus 中国体彩票手机版下载, that serves students and staff in need. The octogenarian, a retired teacher, says that as an alumnus, he wants to help today's students. He remembers neighbors helping neighbors during his time as a student, and a few years later during the Hong Kong Flu. Pictures taken by Holly Kurtz.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/42882e41-katie.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Our country中国体彩票手机版下载 needs us to step up and use our gifts God has given us. I choose to sew masks at night while nurses are caring for our community members. Thank you for continuing to provide us with the news!
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/emma.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              This is Emma Rae, she is 6 years old and missing the last couple of months of her kindergarten year as Arizona canceled school for the remainder of the year. Her teacher Mrs. Crow delivered side walk chalk to all of her students. When I asked Emma Rae what she wanted to draw she said “an America flag of course” she decided she needed to draw hearts instead of stars because she wanted everyone who saw it to have love. She loves America more than anyone I’ve ever met, I’m thankful she’s too young to understand what is happening
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/dee-haas.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              This is my 91 year old mother. Her name is Dee Haas. She is an incredible woman. She is shuttered at 中国体彩票手机版下载 and making masks for her family and local friends in her community. She is a very giving and unselfish person and wanted to help anyway she can. God bless the greatest generation. Still here to serve America when in need.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/11b9ecb4-heidi-1.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Heidi Bates, delivering cloth masks to the factory we both work at. She is one of the many Americans staying at 中国体彩票手机版下载 during the Covid-19 event. She is spending her time making these in an effort to provide some help to all of us who remain at work, so that fabricated masks can be more appropriately supplied to the medical community. She is an amazing Engineer, peer and person
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/blake-adams.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Please see the attached photo of Blake Adams saying goodbye to his 93 year old great grandmother. He was on leave from the navy and was returning to duty. Kathie Adams
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/robert.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Starting last week, I have been traveling around placing a poster I created that deals with the coronavirus pandemic. I put up copies at local supermarkets, train stations, laundromats, liquor stores, beaches, parks etc. where people can still go. Hope it will help remind people of the extreme importance of social distancing. As Americans we also need to remember “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” Robert Carley Darien, CT 203-559-6140
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/coleen.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              My 90 year old Mom lives in an Independent Living Apartment. She has only been there 8 months. My Dad died 9 months ago. They were married for 65+ years! My brother, who is local, visits her, but only from afar. I will be making the 2-hour drive to visit from afar too this weekend. She enjoys the visits! And, a smile is the best reward for us. -Colleen Foste
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/erica.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Photo from work at Contra costa regional medical center in the covid 19 testing tent! Girl scouts brought us coffee and cookies
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/bakery.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              My wife has a heart of gold , we are just trying to hang in there and she puts the front line heros , Andrea delivered desserts to 2 local hospitals this week, and has 3 more scheduled for the next week. Cape Canaveral Hospital, thank you to Dr Dance and her amazing team Rockledge Hospital She is the hero in my eyes Thanks Stephen Bayne
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/jay.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              There may not be music inside churches for now but that doesn’t stop Jay Bowers from singing hymns outside the United Methodist Church he attends in Trempealeau, Wisconsin.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/copeland.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              We keep this cart on our front porch for delivery people, neighbors, and sub contractors building 中国体彩票手机版下载s in our neighborhood Meridith Copeland "so loved", Rob's wife, Allen & Mimi Cate's mom, and YOUR friend!
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/barney-new.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Good afternoon and I hope all is well ! The first photo is my husband and our Saint Bernard waving to our neighbors safely, with the new Social Distancing Outfit. We then went to our local grocery store in Placerville CA. Wearing the Social Distancing Outfit ensures everyone is at LEAST 6 feet away Very best regards, Mary Beth
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/amber.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              My name is Amber Peterson from McAllen, TX. I wanted to share a feel good story that happened to me last week down here in Southern Texas. My boyfriend, Jason, and I had a trip planned last week to the Grand Canyon that was unfortunately cancelled due to the virus. We are both federal law enforcement agents with varying schedules, which limits our time together on a daily basis. Needless to say we were really looking forward to this time together and enjoy the amazing national park. Jason seemed even more disappointed than me that our trip was cancelled, which was fairly surprising since he’s normally a very go with the flow kind of guy. Little did I know he had something special planned during our trip. So last Wednesday, the day we were to arrive at the Grand Canyon, I went over to his house for dinner. To my surprise he was all dressed up and walked me to his backyard where he had set up tables, candles, lighting and a huge wall art canvas of the Grand Canyon! He had got curbside pickup for Texas Roadhouse and a tiramisu from our favorite local Italian restaurant Colletti’s in Harlingen, TX. If the special dinner and decorations were not enough to boost my spirits, he asked me to Marry Him!!!! I said YES!!! I was beyond surprised and overjoyed that during a time of such confusion and stress we could escape the reality of the world around us and celebrate our love. His original plan was to propose at the Grand Canyon of course, but he had to adjust. As a law enforcement agent he has spent years adapting and overcoming challenging situations and this was no different. He found a way to bring the Grand Canyon to us and make it even more memorable!!! We are looking forward to making that trip a reality at some point to see it’s majestic beauty in person, but until then we have one very large picture to remind us of our dream and future together!!! I hope our story of interrupted plans and making the best out of a bad situation, all while making time for
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/allyn.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Sweet pic of my mom in a Zoom meeting with my dad in NH. Dedicated nursing 中国体彩票手机版下载 staff make sure every resident gets one-on-one time and has the opportunity to video chat with loved ones at 中国体彩票手机版下载. What constitutes "Family" is being redefined everywhere as we find ways to take care of one another.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/john.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              My wife Tanya has Lupus, so she is at higher risk, she really wanted to help others during the crisis and she wasn’t sure what to do until she heard that the local Joann’s was giving out free kits for making masks. We bought a sewing machine and after a few trial and error masks, she got the hang of it and she’s now producing masks and giving them to those in need. This week, she has donated masks to family, friends, local medical offices, and some first responders. In return, we’ve received fabric, thread, fresh eggs and of course lots of heartfelt appreciation. I’m pretty proud of her and thankful to be sharing this story with you. Best Regards, John Boike
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/ann.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              My husband Tony and I found a video on Facebook using mens boxers to convert to a face mask. We followed the instructions and made our masks. Seeing that there is a mask shortage in our country中国体彩票手机版下载, we plan to use our underwear masks when we have to leave our 中国体彩票手机版下载 for protection. No matter how funny or ridiculous the idea is, we hope covering our nose and mouth will help us during this tough time. Stay safe, Everyone! Tony & Ann Brunning Southern California
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/addelle.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              My daughters and I are passionate about interacting with older people in the community. They won’t let us go in to the assisted living facilities but that didn’t stop us. Yesterday we went and painted windows on the outside of the assisted living community and entertained them with a visit from the Easter elephant. The other picture is of my daughter and my aunt- who lives there. I think it speaks volumes of the environment we are in!
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/church-Zion.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Our church, Mt. Zion Church near Keyser, WV, has had 2 drive in services over the past 2 weeks. These shots from video footage from a drone that flew over while service was going on. I made a short video of both weeks that I can send if needed but they are large files. The first week we had about 40 cars, the second week we had over 90 cars. This lot as about 1 mile south of our church. Our church bought the lot over 10 years ago with plans of building a new church. This coronavirus pandemic has given us an opportunity to use our lot like we never imagined. Those coming are parked about 10 feet apart and asked to stay in or within the proximity of their vehicle as well as to maintain the 6 feet separation. We have people coming to church who haven't been going to an church was well as other who can't go to there usual church. We look forward to being able to provide services in the upcoming weeks for Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday!! Thank you for looking at this email and please feel free to look at our facebook page, Mt. Zion Church, Keyser, WV or contact my via email.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/adam.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Coronavirus restrictions aren't stopping this son from safely visiting his mother at her assisted living 中国体彩票手机版下载. Ohio arborist, Charley Adams, has been using a bucket truck to visit his 80-year-old mother Julie at her third-floor window at Windsor Estates Assisted Living in New Middletown, Ohio.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/perez.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              My wife is my rock my Strength my everything. she is a registered nurse I am a registered nurse.she beat Breast cancer And December was her last treatment of radiation and yet we still fight on the front lines of an emergency department at Pomona Valley hospital medical center in California. We will not give up And people cannot give up and all health care providers that are at the front lines of this pandemic.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/NYU-LAGONE-Brooklyn-NY.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Just wanted to share these photos with you of some more of our many medical hero's. These are nurses working to help us all at NYU Langone Hospital, Brooklyn, New York.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/4f6ef28f-james-2.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              My wife Kristin and I have stepped up our volunteer hours at Meals on Wheels in Winter Haven, FL. My wife would normally go on Fridays. The need is so great now we have been going in 3-5 days a week. The volunteer kitchen staff is cranking out 400 to 500 meals to be delivered to those who can't get out. We are all in good spirits and can't wait for the world to get back to normal. Keep up the good reporting Jim Schnell Waverly, Fl
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/teachers.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Our teachers at Bauer Elementary School in Hudsonville, MI have been missing their students. In multiple ways they have been working to educate and connect with our students and families since the day we closed school. This is just a small demonstration of their commitment and compassion to Hudsonville families. Josh
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/robin.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              My sweet mom, Marjorie Knowles, is 91. She lives in Arlington, Texas at Heartis Assisted Living. There have been 11 confirmed cases at the facility. She has been quarantined to her small apartment for almost two weeks. She stays busy watching tv, reading, and doing some exercises in her apartment. One day I went over and stood outside her window for a phone chat. She enjoyed it very much. Her four grandsons have kept in touch also. 2 of them live out of state, and have been able to Skype her with a facility IPad. She is pretty calm, considering the circumstances.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/katie.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Our country中国体彩票手机版下载 needs us to step up and use our gifts God has given us. I choose to sew masks at night while nurses are caring for our community members. Thank you for continuing to provide us with the news!
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/parents.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Social distancing-demonstrated in this picture of Father & Daughter! I am a cardiac Nurse Practitioner and have not been able to see them until 4/1/中国体彩票手机版下载 I brought food and updates! I was able to get my Father to walk with me outside for 30 minutes and this quickened my mother to go back to her stair climbing! Later, we all sat outside to talk and reminisce! I’ll be back for another outdoor visit on Easter Sunday! We are American Strong! Jennifer Hewson, ANP-BC, CHFN
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/heidi.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              This photo is of my dad (Wayne Dahl) visiting my mom (Nancy) at the McIntosh Senior Living Center (dementia unit) in the small town of hMcIntosh, Minnesota. My mom was diagnosed approximately 10 years ago with early onset dementia and my dad has been her primary caregiver up until about three years ago. He usually spends each day with her at the center from early morning until she goes to bed in the evening. Currently, he is able to visit her daily only through the window of her room with the assistance of the nurses and aids. This means so much to him and we are so grateful for their care and kindness to help make this very difficult time a little easier.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/guatemala-new.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              With Debbie my wife we are on long term assignment in Guatemala to work with children and their families. Although the rate of confirmed COVID-19 infections here is relatively mild, the rate of those under feed is extremely high. Some government statistics say that 50% of the children suffer from under nourishment. We fear more will from hunger than the virus because of the economic shut down. Families were on the edge before the virus hit. Now it’s pushing some over the edge. With the help of a church based program called Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge (BGMC), we purchased basic food and hygiene supplies for about 40 families, most who live in a red zone in Guatemala City. It’s called a red zone because of the high level of violence, gangs, drugs, abuse and poverty. We wept because what we were able to provide was too little for too few. Those who received the gift of supplies wept because it bought them a little hope for a couple more weeks. BGMC is a program where US children help children around the world David and Debbie Amsler Assemblies of God World Missiońs
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/children2.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/heidi-1.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Heidi Bates, delivering cloth masks to the factory we both work at. She is one of the many Americans staying at 中国体彩票手机版下载 during the Covid-19 event. She is spending her time making these in an effort to provide some help to all of us who remain at work, so that fabricated masks can be more appropriately supplied to the medical community. She is an amazing Engineer, peer and person
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/Kids-graduation.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Good morning, Our daughter has been excited about her Kindergarten graduation all year. Since our state has canceled school for the remainder of the year due to Coronavirus, we decided to host our own graduation for her on the lawn. Of course, her little sister had to graduate too so she could be just like her big sister. They both were excited to receive their 中国体彩票手机版下载made diplomas and looking forward to 1st grade and Pre-K4 next school year. Our family prays daily for our President, our government leaders, healthcare workers, our military and country中国体彩票手机版下载. Times are hard for a lot of us but I have no doubt that God will see us through this. Have a great day and thank you for always sharing the truth in your news network. Kristen Little (Atlanta, Ga)
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/carter-new.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              We can’t hug them and kiss them, but we can still play with the grandparents. Aubrie 7 yo and Carter 6 years old, playing tic tac toe (with dry erase markers) with their Mimi and Opa in San Ramon, CA
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/brendan.jpeg?ve=1&tl=1

              Hello. This cute shot is of my son Brendan saying hello to his niece Holly through a window in Sparks, Nevada. Bill Kane
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/Rebecca-Alexander.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              My daughter, Rebecca Alexander Kroll, actually took this on I77 in North Carolina. They were headed to move my granddaughter out of her college dorm in Virginia. I'm a trucker, staying out for the duration, and she thought I'd like to see it. Deborah Ellsworth
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/cancer.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              My lovely wife and I have been struggling with cancer during this period of craziness. Today I've had to wait outside the hospital since 11AM while she had to go through mastectomy surgery alone. It is now 3:44PM and I'm still waiting for a ...
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/73rd-Wedding-Anniversary.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Through the window at the Memory Care facility in Ankeny, Iowa, wished my Mom and Dad, Milton and Bunny Aunan, a Happy 73rd Wedding Anniversary April 3, 中国体彩票手机版下载!!! Milton Aunan Jr.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/91da5113-david.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Nurses and surgical techs praying those impacted by CV19 on the roof of Vanderbilt University Medical Center
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/jorge-rivas-food.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              We're the owners of Sammy's Mexican Grill in Tucson, Arizona. We've had a decrease in business ever since the corona virus plagued our nation. But despite that, we're offering free food to anyone who has lost their job because of this virus. We're doing this because it's the right thing to do and we want to help those who are struggling more than us.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/noel.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              I am a cancer survivor and my husband is a doctor in Spokane Washington. He now lives in our airstream in the driveway. This is a photo from our girls taking him pancakes after a call shift. It’s the only way they see their daddy in person these days. We miss him!
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/kim.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Get smart stay 6 feet apart!! Social Distance saves lives! This is my husband Mark trying to get the message to the the people! Please Please heed this message & stay safe! Our prayers are with everyone in the USA & together we will get through this as we are a strong nation! God Bless America! Kim Lambert
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/lisa.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Our 24 year old daughter Angela, an ICU nurse at Eskenazi Hospital in Indianapolis, IN working on the front lines. The individual picture she sent us via a family snapchat was the first night with a confirmed positive. A few nights later, her and a few others sharing a message from ICU. We’re all hoping we can all get together again as a family in June, Lord willing. Troy & Lisa Furrer Wolcott, IN
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/jan.png?ve=1&tl=1

            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/sydney1.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Our social daughter, Sydney, celebrated her 15th Bday yesterday and obviously we couldn’t host a bday part or grant her one bday request - to go to Universal Studios. But what did her friends do? They surprised her with a Birthday, drive-by celebration parade! They met down the street at 7pm and many decorated their cars or made banners and had balloons hanging out their windows. They slowly paraded up and down the street and the celebratory cheers and car horns brought the neighbors out as well. Two neighbors stopped by today and said they were so moved (even to tears) over the way her friends showed their love from a distance. Sydney was surprised and overwhelmed with joy. We handed out cupcakes to the cars and they all leaned out of their windows to loudly sing Happy Birthday which was followed by a grand finale of cheering and honking! It was an unforgettable evening for our precious girl! Purposefully spreading #covidkindness, Charity Brock (661) 364-5587 Bakersfield, CA
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/navajo.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Hello Fox family: Hello from the frontlines. I’m a critical care nurse in the ICU in Shiprock, New Mexico. We are prepared for the surge. Taking care of COVID 19 patients in the hospital can be scary. However, we do a lot of ambulance transports 30 miles to the airport and/or bigger hospital in Farmington. What can be even more challenging is riding in the back of an ambulance with Covid19 patients. Overall, we are doing well and want to give a shout out from the Navajo nation! Brian Brandser, RN, BSN, CCRN, avid Fox family member
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/JAIME-CARREON.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Michael Carreon and Dr. Ivonne Sahagun Carreon who has the only pediatric practice that helps out the local community by accepting medicare. Dr. Carrreon and her staff have been working tirelessly to provide treatment through telemedicine and in office visits in the town of New Braunfels which is located between San Antonio and Austin Texas.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/VVS-Signs-VINCE-POMPO.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              I am the proud principal of WA Wettel Elementary School, located in Vernon, NY, about 30 miles due east of Syracuse, NY. We are part of the Vernon Verona Sherrill Central School District. I am writing you as principal to share that we had our first ever “Day of Thanks”. For this day we asked students and families to show their gratitude to the courageous Americans who continue to serve and assist us during this unprecedented time. Students showed their gratitude by posting signs of support and encouragement on their 中国体彩票手机版下载s or lawn. We kicked off the campaign by featuring our amazing 6th grade Student Council President, who gave a rousing speech to call fellow students and families to action.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/Classmates-Facetime-Grandson-DAVE-SCHMITZ.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              My 3 year old grandson Cam was missing his daycare classmates and activity. My daughter Vicky and her husband Matt set up a facetime story hour with his daycare friends. Response by all was priceless. The picture shows Matt reading the story while Cam looks onto the tablet with the rest of his classmates watching, listening, and interacting. Just like 3yr olds. Grandpa Dave
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/Air-Hugs-ANGELA-FRANK.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              My sister and I are both nurses. I am currently under quarantine and my sister and her kids picked up groceries for my dad to keep 中国体彩票手机版下载 from getting out and being exposed. This is her kids and him giving airhugs.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/Sewing-Masks-MADDIE-TOPP.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Here are photos of my boys, Gunner(age 11), Axel(age 7) and Roane Topp (age 8). We have been making masks to donate to healthcare professionals in our community. They have learned how to read a pattern, cut fabric, iron and use a sewing machine. Location: Salem, Kentucky 42078
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/Social-Distancing-KRISTINA-DAVIS.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              This is a picture of my husband. He is a firefighter and paramedic in Ohio. This is how we say “good morning” to him. He currently is not staying with us as our one son has asthma. Thank you to everyone on the frontline and God Bless Tina Davis. (Husband Dustin Davis)
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/Workers-Face-Shields-YOLANDA-FLEMING.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              The Operating Room staff at Trinitas Regional Medical Center wear face shields and hold thank-you notes lovingly made by 8-year old Bailey Erez, 10-year old Aaron and their mom, Elena. They are Elizabeth residents and neighbors of Leon Pirak, MD (far right), Chairman of Anesthesia at the Medical Center. The note says it all!
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/Kids-with-Signs-Porch-Parade-JOSHUA-WILLIAMS.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              My name is Joshua L. Williams and I am the Fire Chief for the Aurora Fire District in Oregon. (just South of Portland) In this time of uncertainty, we decided to hold a "porch parade" in our community. it was a chance for all the kids and adults at 中国体彩票手机版下载 to come outside and wave at first responders. HEre is a bit of information and photos. As you can see from our comments from facebook, the public loved it!
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/Grandkids-Coronavirus-LYN-WYKE.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              My husband and I have a strange sense of humor. We have 10 grandkids, with 3 being only 15 minutes away. He had told them he would stop by on his lunch hour, but social distancing.....! So he took a painter's coverall, used his safety vest, which is case there an emergency. Then, he had his mask; topped off with a hard hat. The kids (7, 14,and 17)loved it. They were socially distancing, until my hubby (Gdaddy) found a hole in his glove. I'm a nurse in a Trauma ICU, and we just finished creating our own COVID-19 unit. We have 5 ICUs in our facility. The cases are hitting, and we know that nothing can prepare us to fight an unseen virus! This is the link for the video. It is only 30 seconds long, as a car was coming down the street!
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/larry-new.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Attached are photos of my sister and her grandson visiting Mom who is in an assisted living facility on lockdown. Location: Beavercreek Ohio. If you would like further details, please call or reply. Regards, Larry S. Burden
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/Brad-Harrington-new.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Celebrating my daughter Ellen’s 20th birthday on March 30 by inviting friends and family to drive by our Lexington Kentucky 中国体彩票手机版下载 and say happy birthday while maintaining social distancing. She was so happy to see some friends and family! Brad Harrington Brad Harrington Wed 4/1/中国体彩票手机版下载 8:04 PM
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/david-1.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              When I took groceries to my daughter’s family, who is quarantined, I got some “special” playtime with my two Granddaughters although we were separated by a glass door. David Dahlgren Wed 4/1/中国体彩票手机版下载 8:55 PM
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/Pamela.png?ve=1&tl=1

            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/peggy.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              I made the face masks out of coffee filters, two rubber bands and two staples. They are several "filters" thick and I think if you made them a tad thicker, they just may do the trick. We are beginning to realize that we will never go back to life the way we knew it but that there will be a new "normal." One thing is for sure and that is the earth is getting a much needed breather from our pollution. We will have a reason to celebrate April 22; Earth Day. Peggy Barkafski Wed 4/1/中国体彩票手机版下载 8:35 PM Cheers, Peggy and Albert
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/susan.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Dear Fox news staff, Here is my front line nursing staff at Harrison Hospital in Bremerton, WA. Our unit was an acute care med/surgical floor specializing in respiratory care, but early last month we were turned into the COVID floor. All our patients either have confirmed COVID or are being tested (so treated as if they have it) so we are caring for them in full respiratory isolation rooms with PPE. I am the charge nurse on the night shift and I see the dedication in my staff every night as they don their respiratory protection and put their own fears aside to care for these patients. We are simply doing our jobs during this crazy time but since you asked for pictures, I thought I'd share my staff with you as I'm really proud of them all. Stay safe out there. Regards, Susan Herington RN. Susan Herington Wed 4/1/中国体彩票手机版下载 8:48 PM
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/barbara.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Haven’t left the house the house in two weeks. Heard that the local hospital was seeking 中国体彩票手机版下载 sewn masks so my sister and I got busy, each in her own house. This is a partial result. 25 of them so far! Felt good to be useful. Barbara Kulla Wed 4/1/中国体彩票手机版下载 8:06 PM
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/20clicks.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              As you know the Coronavirus has brought much of the world to a halt including mine. In the past month my business (Automobile Dealership) has dropped by 95%. After consulting with several medical professionals I have determined that there is no safe or effective way to decontaminate each vehicle after test drive with 100% certainty. I could no longer with a clear conscience create an environment that promotes high risk situations such as test drives and document signing. I have decided to temporarily close for the well-being of our clients, staff, family and community. I have been spending most of my days sewing 中国体彩票手机版下载made masks made from outgrown toddler clothes, These masks are then donated to the elderly, people with weakened immune systems and the 中国体彩票手机版下载less. Each mask is washed, heated to 165 degrees for 30 minutes and sealed in a single use bag before distribution. 中国体彩票手机版下载made masks are obviously less effective then N95 masks, but in a time of crisis, something is better than nothing... This also helps to pass the time in lockdown and helps my community. Nicole Twenty Clicks Wed 4/1/中国体彩票手机版下载 8:00 PM Reply all
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/clinton-i.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              This is Hudson, our 23 month old. Hudson is our baby with Down syndrome. He’s already beat transient leukemia and he’s already had open heart surgery. We will do all we need to for this little guy, even practice social distancing from his daddy (CJ is a CRNA and works in a hospital with COVID-19 cases). Together, we will protect our children, despite the time needed. We pray daily that it’s not too long, we need daddy 中国体彩票手机版下载 with us and safe. This photo was taken on 3-21 WDSD中国体彩票手机版下载, Hudson was standing for his dad for the first time all by himself. Thanks for all you do! We love Fox News. We actually visited you last September when Hudson was the Grand Marshal for the NYC Buddy Walk. Ed Henry came over to meet Hudson.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/Norah-Trunzo.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              My father Dale is quarantined in an assisted living facility in Carlsbad CA. He is on the third floor so we cannot even come to his window. His granddaughter Norah Trunzo 14 (my daughter) would not be deterred in showing him support and love from his family! . Nathaniel Trunzo
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/prom-at-the-porch.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              I wanted to share in hopes that it inspires others that are in the same boat. And maybe to bring a smile. :) My daughter, Grayson, is a high school senior. Her school's prom was cancelled, as has so many of her other school/church, etc. activities. We all more than understand the why behind the cancellations, but the disappointment is still there. Knowing there is only so much within our control (our attitude being one of those things), we decided very last minute to throw our own "Prom on the Porch" for her. She's taken all the cancellations in stride, and we just wanted to do a little something special for her. We used what we had around the house to decorate the porch, and a friend let us use some stars she had and cut some letters with her Cricut, and voila! Her siblings were there (one of which is 中国体彩票手机版下载 from college early because of the virus), my husband and I, and a cousin and uncle who are at our house frequently. Family only - 7 people total outside the whole time. It wasn't the prom with her friends she thought she'd have, but she had SO MUCH FUN!!! We all did! The kids dressed up, we cranked up a speaker, and spent 2 or 3 hrs on our porch. Not surprisingly, my senior won prom queen! Lemonade outta lemons. :) So this spring may not be going according to plan, but we try to adapt and celebrate our seniors the best we can.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/varum.png?ve=1&tl=1

            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/allen.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Maintenance Technician Mason General Hospital, Shelton Wa. Working with Kidney cancerous tumor size of a lemon. Must come out, no treatment. All surgeries postponed until further notice. Rather be here helping anyway I can.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/suzette-hook.png?ve=1&tl=1

            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/Daniel-Dye.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              My 7 YO, named after our 16th President, Lincoln, wanted to put something on the driveway to help people feel brave. So we did this. Dan Dye Manheim, PA Daniel Dye
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/Nicole-Loiterstein.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Each night at 8pm our community ‘gathers’ on our front steps to make some noise as a reminder that although we may not see each other, we are all in this together. Last week the Clayton, Missouri fire & police trucks joined us. Each night they choose a different street to ride down - sirens on and lights flashing. Every night when we hear the noise I am reminded how thankful I am to be surrounded by so much love and support. Here’s a pic of my 5 year old son, Jack - up past his bedtime to make some noise. Nicole Loiterstein Clayton, Missouri
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/Carroll-County-Maryland.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              Our first large batch (50 gallons) of distillery produced hand sanitizer being loaded up for Carroll County Maryland so they can distribute it to hospitals and first responders. The next batch will be for Howard County. Since the 190 proof starting material is now hard to find, we're starting to ferment sugar water to distill into the 190 proof starting material ourselves.
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/andrea-lucas.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

              My wife, Andrea Lucas and our newborn son, Isaac Timothy, born March 12 at 12.36pm are totally ignoring the social distancing guidelines! BTW - we LOVE Fox and appreciate everything your network does to give us the truth!! (Brett Baier is our favorite news anchor EVER!) Sincerely, Tim Lucas Bixby, OK
            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/joe-nader.png?ve=1&tl=1

            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/janet-weeks.png?ve=1&tl=1

            • https://a57./static.//content/uploads/中国体彩票手机版下载/04/918/516/Jim-Bunny-Eckerson.png?ve=1&tl=1

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